Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I posted a while back on a wedding venue in Scottsdale that I really liked. It's called El Chorro and it's probably my first choice if I had to choose right now without having seen anything in person.
I contacted them and they sent me their pricing list and WHOA NELLY. $175 a plate per person. Sheesh. Expensive much? Annnnd they have a noise ordinance, so all outside activity needs to conclude at 10:00pm.
Umm that's just when the party gets started people. Sooo I'm sort of putting this venue on the back burner for now, even though it is REALLY nice.

I'm heading up to Seattle this upcoming weekend and we're staying in Phoenix Friday night before our red eye. We decided to go take a look at a place called Trilogy at Vistancia. The photos of the place look super nice and it's more JT's style, modern, clean lines, updated...

The pricing is out of this world unbelievable...$24.99 a plate per person. Compare that to El Chorro I'll be saving $15,000 just on food! FIFTEEN FREAKING THOUSAND DOLLARS. Umm yes.

So I'm pretty excited. I hope the place lives up to the gorgeous photography. And the best part? No noise ordinances so we can partay all night baby!

And they only do one event a day so I'm not competing with any other bride for space. Bonus!


his little lady said...

this is absolutely gorgeous! i hope it's just as good in person too! i'm sure it is ;)
xo TJ

Jessica [MOSCATO VILLA] said...

thanks I think so too! We're checking it out tomorrow...wish me luck!

The Funky Junkie said...

Wow, that place looks beautiful! And the price sounds fantastic. I went to a wedding in Scotsdale earlier this year--it was absolutely gorgeous!

Zachary Payne said...

How was the venue up close, Jessica? It looks amazing in the photos that it’s hard to lower expectations, right? I hope they don’t implement weird rules there like in your first choice. The noise ordinance thing was kind of a party pooper, seriously. Did this place feel right when you stepped in?