Tuesday, June 14, 2011

All the Hairy Details

So I have too much hair. If you haven't noticed. It's not that my hair is thick, it's just that I have a lot of it. And by a lot I mean TOO MUCH! It's massive after I blow dry it. (I will one day brave the embarrassment and post a pic of me after said blow drying. It's amazing.) It's naturally curly, which I hate, and have never really found a nice way to wear it natural. I feel like a poodle when it's natural.

I've been letting the color grow out in hopes that I can go to the hair dresser and have her cut, color, and style my hair like one of the lovely ladies below. Trying to decide if I want to go back to one dark color completely or just dark with golden highlights or a bronze brown with highlights. Choices!!

I don't know. My dream is to one day be brave enough to go get my hair cut in the longer grown out version of the Victoria Beckham bob. I think that is the cutest haircut on girls and I die when I see a girl with that cut and it looks good! Buuuuuut my boyfriend LOVES long hair.

And even though it's my hair and I can do whatever I want and am in no way controlled by him, I still feel like I want to look good for him and I know he likes the long haired ladies better. (I ask him to keep a scruffy face so I guess we're even?) So here I sit with way too much hair going on and a definite need for a new look.

Darker or highlights? What do you y'all think?

{ All over one dark color like Aria (Lucy Hale) ? }

{ Dark with golden highlights like Audrina? }

{ Dark with caramel and golden highlights like Penelope? }

{ Or all over golden brown/bronze hair like Rachel Bilson? }

I tend to lean towards dark usually because my hair turns brassy and red tinted naturally. But I do love the looks of Rachel's hair. Decisions..decisions! xo

Oh p.s. who's excited for Pretty Little Liars tonight?! This girl is!! YAY for Tuesday. haha


t said...

Good luck with your hair!

Jet said...

@t, thanks so much! I go in tomorrow, so we'll see if we can tame this beast. ha!