Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Minka Kelly Love

Have you ever watched Friday Night Lights? Chyeah. Minka Kelly is gorgeous and fresh faced in that show. Now that she's no longer on that series, I keep seeing photos of her popping up around the celebrity gossip sites and every time I see her I comment in my head how well put together she is.

She seems down to earth and friendly and did I mention she's Derek Jeter's girlfriend? Be jealous. Her style on the red carpet is flawless, but I also love how when she's not at Hollywood events she dresses like a normal 20 something.

I think I want to dye my hair her color now. Sheesh.

Look how laid back she is at the baseball games. Love it! She's not the type that always has to be made up.
Actress Minka Kelly is all smiles on the set of 'The Roommate', shooting in downtown Los Angeles...Kelly stopped to pick up some poop from her dog.

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Ashley said...

i'm obsessed with minka kelly! i feel like she has a realistic yet sizzling body and of course drop.dead.gorgeous!