Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lucy Hale Love: Aria Style

One of my guilty pleasures is watching Pretty Little Liars on ABC Family. Do you watch it? The trailer for the pilot caught my eye in the beginning so I rushed out and bought book one of the series. All I have to say is that the t.v. show has definitely kept my interest far longer than the book did.

Aria Montgomery, played by Lucy Hale, is my favorite character on the show. Aria has a unique style different from her fellow high school classmates on the series. Her style is one I would emulate if I had a job that allowed me to dress cute! Her style is a fusion between hipster + bohemian + indie, with lots of dark colors and leather jackets. Costume designer for the series, Mandi Line, has done a great job developing Aria's style!

{leather jacket, sparkly dress, and ankle booties = Aria's go to style!}




Did I mention I LOVE Aria and Ezra as a couple? Wonder if they are in real life?

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