Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Shredded & Cats

Aria\'s Shredded Sleeves
Finally had the chance to sit down and watch the Pretty Little Liars episode from this week. The episode was alright, but as soon as Aria arrived on the screen wearing this black Guess shirt I rushed to the computer to find out who it was made by. Turns out it's Guess by Marciano, which is one of my favorite brands, and I just love this top! Super cute (I say super WAY. TOO. MUCH.) and a totally different take on the little black shirt.

Side note. Why the heck can't my eyebrows look like that? Grooooww. 

I love how it's something completely different and a definite standout in your closet! This looped sleeve top comes in purple or black on the Guess website. It's priced at $78 which is way out of my price range to spend on one top. Looks like I'll be waiting for a sale to happen. Hey Guess, get on that pronto. Thanks.

Here it is in purple. I like the black better though... 

OH! And remember when I told y'all that we had a cat in our wall last week? Well it turns out it was two baby kittens! The little cuties had been living in our attic in a tiny corner of the house right where I was hearing the noise! Because of the holiday we had to keep them in the garage until the humane society was open, but we dropped them off over there today!

The one with the darker spots on her head was so sweet and nice and the other one was SO mean. He hissed at me EVERY time I put a bowl of milk in there for them. Ruuuude cat.
Poor little guys. Hopefully they'll find a good home!



Mariel Torres said...

Aria ALWAYS has the best things... love her style!

Dianna said...

I love her!

July said...

You watch Pretty Little Liars too?!?! were completely right. soul. sisters!

and yes - I am totally stalking all your posts this morning :)