Friday, July 1, 2011

We Have A Cat In Our Wall

girl stuck in wall, cat stuck between walls, human body with cat head, stuck to wall
(this isn't the actual cat in our wall...but I needed a visual)

For reals. There is a cat or kitten in our wall. I've been hearing this scratching noise for a couple weeks and also some meowing, but I assumed it was a cat outside our house climbing up our wall or something.

Then one day while sitting in our living room on the couch, I felt like the scratching was coming from inside our wall. I told boyfriend this and he looked at me like I was losing it and brushed it off. Well last night when I got home the poor thing was meowing and scratching like crazy and I knew it was definitely coming from inside our wall.

I even filmed it so I had proof of said meowing and scratching. The boyfriend came home just in time to hear the little guy going off and he finally believed me that there was indeed a cat in our wall.

So now here's the fun part. Boyfriend went up in the attic and also on the roof to see if he could spot the hole to where he got into our house from. Unfortunately, the boyfriend can't get over to Wilfred (I named the kitty Wilfred) from where the attic is, so now we've called his cousin who is a fireman and he and his crew are coming tomorrow morning to help get the cat out.

Poor Wilfred. Please pray for him. I hate cats, but I feel SO incredibly bad for this kitten. You can just hear him crying all day and I'm sure he's hungry and hot. Poor baby. I'll keep y'all posted on the cat happenings. I'm also thinking of posting the video I took of the cat meowing. Poor guy.


Sorcha said...

OMG poor Wilfred! My parents house has eaves in most of the bedrooms because it's a converted hotel and we discovered the hard way that our cat Walter could climb into the roof and walls from there.

He disappeared for a whole day and we were terrified he'd falled and hurt himself, but luckily he eventually found his way back. Everything is boarded up now!

Cats are crazy things. I'm sending good vibes for Wilfred. :(

Sorcha x
Bonfire Brunette

Diamonddigger said...

awww, what a story! kitten / kittens are lucky to have you there :-)