Thursday, June 30, 2011

Blue Steel

So it's officially been a full year since I started this glamorous job I'm in, which meeaaanss.....NEW BOOTS! Exciting right? Did I mention I wear steel toed boots to work every day? Mandatory? No cute outfits? Ever?!
 Every year the company I work for allows you to purchase new steel toed boots and they will reimburse you up to like 80 or 90 dollars, but you can only buy them once year. This is something I've been looking forward to for SO long and now it's finally here and time to get some new shoes! 

The ones I have now are by Converse and they're actually composite toe, which means they're a lot lighter and less hot than steel toed. But the bad thing is that the padding around the heel has worn down so much that it rubs on my feet all day and I come home with calluses. EWWW. So, I'm totally looking forward to a fresh new pair.

I want to stick with composite toe again because I like how lightweight they are and they don't heat up in the summer or stay cold in the winter like the steel toed ones.

I need your help! Out of the following shoes, which ones do you like best? They're all pretty similar, but with subtle differences.
Women's Converse Composite Toe Work Shoe C489

These are the ones I have right now....

And these are the ones I'm considering purchasing...
Women's Avenger Composite Toe Work Shoe A7152

Women's Avenger Composite Toe Work Shoe A7150

Women's Dr. Martens Composite Toe Work Shoe DM7A66AFK23F

Women's Florsheim Composite Toe Work Shoe FS243

So obviously I want a brown shoe because I wear a brown belt usually and I don't know...I feel like the leather look semi-dresses up my attire. Basically this is as good as it's gonna get with regards to footwear for my job. (Please Dear God, send an amazing job down to me soon) What do y'all think?

I feel like I'm leaning more to the Avenger brand, but the other two are nice as well. So little many choices!

Happy Thursday everyone! xo


Ashley said...

girlfriend what the heck do you do for a job?!

i vote avenger!

Sorcha said...

My vote goes to the Avengers!

I feel you on having to wear non-cute clothes to work. I used to work in the Disney Store while I was in college and they have THE most unflattering outfits.

I was so excited to get a job where I could wear whatever I wanted after five years of their awful shirts and slacks!