Monday, April 18, 2011


First of all how freakin' awkward is it to open up one of those collapsible windshield visors in your car?! I bought one this weekend and after work today I'm trying to take the thing down from the windshield and fold it up and it looks like I'm having a fight with a large piece of silver fabric while seated in my car.

Then whenever you open it up to actually put in your window, it like bia-tch slaps you in the face. Like "I'm only guarding and protecting (Bachelorette you remember? ha) your car from the sun because you made me, but I am NOT happy about it."

Sheesh. Super excited to wrestle with it tomorrow. Annnnnyways here are some bits and pieces from my weekend home alone.

I spent the three days off this weekend doing massive amounts of laundry, re-doing the guest bathroom with my shower curtain mentioned here, baking cookies, eating yummy pesto four cheese ravioli, and having a glass of my favorite moscato.

These photos are of my Saturday evening. I'm such a boring 24 year old! Glass of wine, pasta, fresh baked cookies, and a Lifetime movie. Seriously. I watched a Lifetime movie called Amish Grace...seen it? Pretty ok. Oh! And I got a new wine bottle stopper! I couldn't resist the crown. Cute!

Here's to taking yourself on a date on Saturday nights! xo

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