Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sooooo YAH

Don't let the smile fool you...(this was pre-phone call / gum noticing)  ::  T-Shirt- Hanes for Men, Leggings: Marshalls, Hair- Yesterdays' .... oh and I'm in my orange office! Looove it.

So I had an entire post ready for you guys about the ombre hair trend that was all in my mind ready to be unleashed on my little bloggy and then I talked to my mom. She's not coming to Easter. One of my all time favorite family holidays. And guess what? She's going to El Paso instead with her boyfriend. This marks the like 100th trip she's taken out of the state with him.

I lived in Dallas for 4 years and had to BEG her to come visit me once. ONE time people. And I had to BEEEEG her. Just makes me sad that's all. Plus I wish she was going to be around for Easter. This will be my first Easter back in my hometown since I left for college back in 2006. Sucks.

Also I when I got out of my car right now I notice this thin streaky line all the way down the length of my car. What could this be, I thought? Well it turns out someone had tossed their gum out the window and it decided to skip down the length of my car leaving lovely little skid marks the whole way down. There's also a big glob of it on my right front fender. Just so you know, when you toss your gum out  the window it doesn't just magically disappear. It could quite possibly end up all over the new car behind you.

Uggghhh not my afternoon today. Blah.

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luxe + lillies said...

awww :( I'm sorry! Starting life after college is exciting, but there are definitely some major downfalls. I will never forget last year was my first year away from my huge family - I spent it with my Fiance's and they don't even celebrate Christmas day - I cried. You just have to make it your own and do something you will really enjoy! Don't let your mom get you down!