Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I Mean.......Really? I Really Love That!

Another day of work done and done-zo. I literally counted down the minutes until the day ended. Boring. Did I ever tell you I have to wear steel toed boots to my job? Chyeah. But during my downtime today I was able to catch up on all my fave blogs though, so that was nice.

Sooooo I saw this shower curtain at Target forever ago and immediately sharp left turned into the aisle it was poking out of. The bright blue color and the tribal print won me over at first glance. But then I looked at the price tag and it was $14.99. At  the time, I had to choose between buying food or getting this shower curtain. Did I want to spend $14.99 on ONE shower curtain or use that $14.99 to get more food stuff?

I chose more food stuff.

So here I am on Saturday wondering the aisles for some new "anything" and I spot the shower curtain! From afar I could see a bright red sticker gleaming off the top of the packaging and knew it was meant to be. On sale for $10! The Target gods were screaming at my to buy THIS shower curtain. So I bought it.

Now it's time to decide how to re-decorate the bano to compliment my new lover of a shower curtain.

Now on to my new lil series: I mean....really? vs I really love that!

I Mean...Really?:

-Guy who cut my off while driving to the grocery store today. Blinkers were made for a reason!

-Also guy who was driving behind me on the way home (I get major road-frustration as you can see). We get it your windows are rolled down. Super cool. But is it really necessary to hang your arm way down the side of your door and use your whole forearm to tap to the beat of your music? From my rear-view mirror it looks like your Kia Soul has one arm. Oh, and quit tailgating me.

-Hello AAA, I'm looking for a hotel for Las Vegas next month and I click on the ad that says "Rates starting at $40!" When I get to the next page you tell me to "check availability" and then the rate goes up to $160. False advertise much?

I Really Love That!:

-It's almost Wednesday. I only have to work until Thursday. Yesssssss.

-I went back to using Bare Minerals and love it all over again.

-I also love that I finally realize that I hate liquid foundation and am finally released from guilting myself into spending money on them to "try it one more time".

- The Biggest Loser is on tonight!!

-The boyfriend is about to walk in the door a.n.y second now. And I bought a bottle of Moscato at the grocery store. And we're gonna share it.

xo Happy Tuesday!

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