Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Engagement Sesh: The Bachelor Style

Just. Watched. The. Bachelor. A day late I know but we finally saw it. I have to say I'm not at all surprised by Brads choice in Emily. I saw it coming. I was however surprised at how she acted on the "After the Final Rose" show. She had a little fire in her...a little attitude I didn't see during the show. I still can't tell...are they together or are they broken up? Hopefully together! The distance and time apart must have been really hard for the two of them but I hope they make it.
{ Gorgeous and just my style }

{A beautiful moment..I hope it lasts!!! }

ALSO... Did you see who the next bachelorette is?! It's Ashley the dentist! YAY! I loved her on Brads season and can't wait to see her choose a man! Go get 'em girl!

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