Tuesday, March 1, 2011

And so the dentist is gone :(

So my choice for who to be booted off The Bachelor last night (Chantal) didn't get booted off.
 :( Nope...Ashley the cute dentist girl was the one who walked away without a rose. Can you believe that?!! I can't! He looooved her I thought. They had one bad date and he sent her packing. Now it's obvious to me that he's just going to pick Barbie, a.k.a. Emily, to be his lawful wedded wife. Can you say predictable?! I feel so bad for Ashley. Poor mama hope she finds a McSexy Dentist hubby soon.

I also don't understand why after he dumps these girls all of them let him hold their hand and walk them out and then even let him give them a hug/kiss on forehead. I would be like "Thanks but no thanks! I can walk myself out. Thanks for dumping me..buh bye." Ha...anyways I was sad to see Ashley go but hope she'll become the next Bachelorette!

{The Three That Were Left: Emily, Chantal, Ashley}

{His future bride in my opinion..we will see!}

{The one I thought he would let go last night...}

{And the one he should have kept!}

I'm so addicted to this show it's pathetic really. xo!


Marjorie Rose said...

Yey! A blogger who knows the Bachelor! I'm so happy :)

Well my theory is that he let Ashley go because it's the lesser of two evils. Knowing that he's gonna end up with Emily anyway, I'm sure letting Chantal go home next week is a lot easier than letting Ashley go.

Thanks for this post! I enjoyed it very much. Have a wonderful weekend!

Jet said...

Heck yah! I'm addicted to this show. Ha. I agree with will be an easy choice for him when it comes down to these two. But I still wish he would have kept Ashley to give the show a little more suspense. Hope your weekend is wonderful too!

Sarah said...

Yay, the Bachelor!

I like to think that Ashley really turned him down first. She seemed totally checked out half way through their last date...I think she just realized she could do better. I don't like Brad much...

~Sarah W

Jet said...

Yeah he's kind of a funky bachelor but I do like how he explains everything to the girls and to the camera. I'm hoping they make Ashley the next bachelorette!!