Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Six Things I Want (and Don't Need) Right Now

{ 1 }
{Either the Push-Up Bandeau or Retro Triangle Bikini from Victorias Secret. Don't know which one to choose!}

{ 2 }
{I miss my Blackberry! I have a Droid right now but I'm counting down the days to my upgrade!}

{ 3 }
{The Brentwood Leather Hobo Bag from Juicy Couture, I am in love with this color for a purse}

{ 4 }
{A Teacup Maltese! My dream cute! Hypo-allergenic and no shedding!}

{ 5 }
{My own retail boutique. I would love to do this....eventually!}

{ 6 }
{A new bed! I'm tired of my boyfriends faux-granite shelved mirrored headboard bed. Time for an upgrade}

Although I would love to have each and every one of these things, I know that I don't NEED them. They will stay on my wishlist for now. It's still fun to look though!

Sooo last night we didn' get to watch the finale of The Bachelor like I'd planned. The boyfriend ended up staying late at work so I ended up eating cereal for dinner and watching Bethenny Ever After on Bravo. Still a good night of reality tv but hopefully I'll watch T.B. tonight! xo Happy Tuesday!

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