Tuesday, December 11, 2012


So last night was my first experience defrosting meat for dinner. I know right? Pathetic. But I've never had to do it before and I was terrified the whole time I was going to give us food poisoning. I had to Google how to do it and once it defrosted and I put it in the pan, it looked all kinds of wrong. I never want to do it again. Seriously..I am going to steer clear of having to defrost again. I ended up burning the meat a bit on purpose because I was so paranoid it wasn't cooked all the way through. Poor JT, he had to eat burnt ground beef tacos and he smiled the whole way through it.

When I googled, the first article said to run hot water over the I did that but it only thawed a tiny bit on the top. (I had already let it sit in the sink an hour before I decided to do the water thing) I didn't realize until JT told me, that he usually fills up a dish and then lets the package sit in the hot water for a while. My dumbass just sprayed it with hot water for like 5 minutes. So then I Googled again, because the water wasn't working, and I decided to try the defrost button on the microwave. That was a disgusting experience. It smelled weird and got all bloody looking again. Yuck. The things I do for my fiance, I swear.
The defrost button worked and I was able to cook it in the pan, but it was not pretty.

All in all I  think I did okay with my first meat defrosting, so I rewarded myself by baking a batch of white chocolate macadamia cookies and pouring a blood orange sanpelligrino. Mmmm! They made me feel better about the whole meat experience. One day I'll be better at cooking. Right?
My favorite "One day closer to retirement" tumbler

Today it is finally feeling cold outside here in Arizona. Finally!! So I've worn my favorite white skinnies from Marshalls with old top from F21. The quilted flats are from Payless. Cute and comfy for a casual day at work. And of course my little photo bomber...Brady Dog just has to be in every picture.


The Funky Junkie said...

Haha I hate dealing with frozen meat....I always just stick it in the microwave but I'm always worried it'll make us sick too!

Kacie said...

Cookie dough..yum! Love your outfit!