Monday, December 3, 2012


I am so stinking proud of my Xmas tree this year. I went simple chic, with just some lime green ornaments and extra bushels of plants. (I'll do some close-ups tomorrow so you can see). Now that the tree is up I have anxiety about how empty it looks underneath it. I need to finish Christmas shopping so I can wrap some damn presents for under there. Speaking of gifts...I decided to do a gift guide for the person who has everything (which is like my whole family). So I hope this helps give you some good ideas of where to start if you can't think of anything for that one person in your life who doesn't need more stuff!
1. Concert Tickets: What's better than giving someone an experience instead of giving them more "stuff"? Concerts and music festivals are my favorite thing to give this year. Gives them something to look forward to and maybe they'll discover a new artist that they'll love!
2. Wine Tasting: I love wine. So taking someone wine tasting for a Christmas present is my ideal gift. If you don't have a winery near you, some wine bars and even restuarants do tastings certain nights of the week. A fun gift to give to your sister in law or best friend!
3. Personalized Photo Book: Totally from the heart. If you've got tons of pictures on your computer (you can steal them from Facebook too!) go ahead and make a photo book. Tons of sites like Shutterfly, MyPublisher, and Pear Tree Greetings have lots of sizes and pre-made templates ready to get your creative side moving.
4. Game Day Tickets: For the sports lover. College or professional, game day tickets are sure to be a hit. Even if they're not the biggest sports fan, people still like to get out and go places, have a beer, and enjoy some entertainment.
5. Car Detailing: Who doesn't love a clean car? Not an expected gift at all, but something they'll totally love for weeks and months to come.

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