Monday, August 27, 2012


Friday we did date night at Chili's. They have the most bomb margerita lime chicken. Mmmm, comes with black beans and these little tortilla strip things. So good. Especially after you drench it all in lime and salt like I do.
Also, first time I tried a mojito. Ever. I know. I have been totally missing out. I love them! I always thought they were made with vodka for some reason, so I steered clear. Vodka and I don't play nice.

Saturday I spent ALL day from 8am until 1pm reading, note-carding, re-reading, self-quizzing, and preparing myself for a test that turned out to be over the syllabus and other shiz. Annoying. At least I know chapter 3 more than anyone in the class now right? Wtf.

Saturday night was spent at a 3 hour dinner catching up with our favorite travel buddies. It was sushi and tapin-yaki table (spelling?). So good. They're expecting a baby in March so the convo was mainly filled with materinty fashion, prego cravings, and sex guessing. The boys talked about whatever they talk about. haha Good night out for sure.

Shoes: G by Guess, Skinnies: Marshall's, Top: Old Navy (recent)
Didn't like the skinnies rolled up after all, so I rolled 'em down.  

Sunday I slept in. Got up and cleaned the casa. Hung out with Brady dog. Texted JT to bring me Starbucks. Lazed around until after lunch when we decided to catch the 2:30 showing of Batman. So we get there pretty late on accident, get our tickets, get our snacks and walk in right as the previews are starting. I hate when people do that. I was those people on Sunday. Oy. So I spot two empty seats in the back row (our favorite) and run up there. I ask both people on either side if anyone is sitting there, they say no. We sit down. Open our drinks and snacks and get comfy.

Then like 5 more minutes into the previews up walks this mama with two kids. She's looking at her husband next to us like "why the eff did you not save our seats?!". She goes "why didn't you say anything?!" right as JT and I realize what's going on. So being the UBER nice people we are, we get up and offer the seats to the lady and her kids.

So then we're stranded in the aisle, in the dark, with 237327 things in our hands and we realize there's no seats left except for the front row. Eww. Come on people...Batman has been out for over a month! What are you all doing here!! We went to customer service to try and change our tickets. We had to wait 4 hours for the next showing. Umm, yeah no. So we left. With gift cards.

Wanna know what we did after that? We went and picked up a 12 pack of Dos XX and a 6 pack of Ace Perry, popped in Stars Wars dvd, and made some popcorn at home. Best movie date I've ever had.

Had to rep my alma mater. It was the right thing to do.

Hope you're weekend was a blast too!

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sounds like a great weekend! xo