Friday, August 10, 2012


...I took these pictures. I wore this to Chipotle the other night with my Bub. (I call JT Bub a lot. Not sure why..moving on) This is an impulse shirt buy that I got at Marshall's (I seriously need to find another store to shop at) one day when I was feeling rather rich. I decided I needed like 4 shirts and that they all looked fabulous on me. Wrong. But oh well. So then this shirt hung in my closet for a while because it just didn't look right with anything.
It's a weird striped mustardy puke color with this elastic at the waist and angled cuts of fabric on the sides. Lovely and pure genius. And obviously something I should have bought. Not.

Anyways. I wore it out to dinner with my favorite white shorts and my favorite camel colored wedges. I was feeling good. And then after dinner JT went back to work and I went home to Brady dog.

Back track for a moment. For some reason I always sit on the floor in the living room and lean up against the chaise lounge portion of our sectional. It's comfy and gives me great access to all of Brady's toys so I can throw them for him to fetch on the regular as I watch Bravo and what not. Usually I move up and down a lot as I sit there. Sliding down to rest my head on the couch, scooching back up to sit up straight, etc. Otherwise my booty starts to hurt if I sit in the same spot long enough.

I sit there so much in fact, that the carpet is a little more smooshed and flat in that area. Nice.
So a few days before this Chipotle dinner, I was in the office and heard Brady chewing on something. It took me a long time to go investigate what it was because I figured it was this rawhide bone thing I gave him. Wrong.

It was a freaking pen. Well when I picked up the pen I noticed he had chewn the top off and the ink tube thing was exposed and there was ink all over the outside of the pen. I looked around and couldn't see any marks on the carpet or the missing top so I figured he had eaten it.

I threw it away and didn't think about it again. Enter Chipotle date night. I come home. And take my usual seat in front of the couch, flip on the tv, find a good show, and start throwing some shit around for Brady. The night ends. I go to bed. Wake up. And it's Saturday. I needed to go to the office to fax something so naturally I go pick up my white shorts from the closet floor to where again. (I where dirty pants and shorts a lot. I know you do it too.)

Horror races across my face and brain as I see the backside of my shorts. There's like a zillion ink marks and stains on the booty of my favorite white shorts. Yep. He had drug the pen over to my sitting spot and it leaked all over the carpet. Leaked so much in fact that a day later it was still wet enough to stain my shorts.

By the count on the shorts, it looks like I scooched up and down 3 times. Just great. Not sure if the ink stains will come out, because they sat overnight drying as my shorts lay in a heap on the closet floor. I scrubbed, but the stains didn't budge. I was sad. And angry. And yelled at Brady for what he did, even though like 3 days had passed and he had no idea why I was yelling. Then I felt bad and kissed him.

So that is my sob story for you today. I'm sure you wanted to hear all that. Cheers to a hopefully relaxing and fun weekend.

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