Thursday, August 9, 2012


Lord. I am trying to get accepted to the Radiology program at the college here in town. I know. Isn't she a real estate agent? Yes, I am, but I'm over it. I thought it was a passion of mine but it turns out it's not. I just really hate being on call 24/7, never having a steady paycheck, and no benefits of any kind. There's certain aspects I love about it. Like talking with a client for the first time and getting all their wants and wishes written down and then doing the actual searching online for a dream home. I like that part of it. But the part where my client is calling me at 9 o'clock on a Sunday just to ask if we can go see a house at 7 the next day, I don't love so much. I mean really? Being on call all the time sucks.

Even when I'm out of town I'm constantly fielding phone calls and checking emails and replying to texts. It's slightly annoying. I think it takes the right person to be able to do this type of job long term. And I'm pretty sure I'm not that right person.

It's working for now and I'm having a good time with it. But I realized early on that I'm not ready to do this as a career forever. So on to the next idea. Radiology. X-rays people. That's what I'm looking into. It's a two year degree. I already have a 4 year degree. Ass backwards? Just my style.

The only thing is trying to get my credits from North Texas transferred over to Arizona has been a nightmare. Turns out some don't transfer and so I might have to take like 3 classes this fall. Ouch.

So the program is full time school. So it leaves maybe the weekends and maybe some nights to actually hold down a job. I say maybe because after the first semester you're doing like clinicals and out at hospitals at odd hours. This is why having a real estate license might come in handy. It's something I could do on the side and make a little moolah. We'll see.

So that's what's going on right now. Twenty-five and I'm still trying to find something to do with my career that I love unconditionally.

Anyways, here's some more photos from my trip to Seattle because I know you're all dying to see them. xo
JT and I at the Edgewater Hotel. I'm short. HIGHLY recommend. It's awesome. And of course I got my Starbucks fix. Seattle style.
Haha, at the Seattle Aquarium, which was awesome too.
Left: At the Music Museum, Right: At the Chihuly Glass Museum (that's not glass behind us)
Haha at the Avatar Exhibition at the Music Museum, super cool behind the scenes stuff. We're standing in actual size Avatar shoes.
At the O.G Starbucks and pretty flowers at the Pike Place Market
A raspberry lemonade cupcake (from Cupcake Royale) that was the shit and us at dinner

Last but not least our picture on the giant otter's belly at the Seattle Aquarium. True Love.


Lisamarie said...

Oh gees, friend. You look really young, but he looks like a normal age., together, ypu look like a very cute, appropriately aged couple!! Stupid cabbie.

KerryRose said...

I've always wanted to go to Seattle! Your pictures make me want to move that up to the top of my priority of luck with the radiology program! It's hard to figure out what exactly you want to do "for the rest of your life," isn't it? I'm still so lost. Love your blog :)

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