Saturday, August 11, 2012


I want an "us" house. Ok, that probably makes no sense to you. A little backstory. I moved in with JT after college. I moved into his house "temporarily" after I moved from Dallas to Arizona while I looked for a job. I couldn't afford an apartment on my own yet, so he offered for me to stay with him until I got my grounding.

So I did. I moved in to his home. He built it, he pays for it, he decorated it. And he's an awesome decorator, but it was super "I'm a bachelor living on my own and this is how I decorate" decor. I've made a couple changes ;).

I was fine with his decor and furnishings at first because I was a temporary house guest. House girlfriend? Wellllll I never moved out. Haha. At first it was because I got this job working for the government and it was 10 hour days that started at 5:30 and ended at 4:00. JT doesn't usually get off work until 7 or 7:30, so I would only see him from about 8pm-9pm before I would hit the sack in order to wake up in time to get ready and drive the 40 minutes to work.

Didn't make much sense to me to pay for an apartment that I would only be sleeping in. So I stayed here. And now it's been almost 3 years. And now we're engaged.

I love our house, but there's so many things I want to change and update. I can't wait to build or buy something new one day and really make an "us" house. I mean I want to be able to nest and decorate with him as oppossed to just moving in to an already finished house. When I moved in to this house it was completely decorated already.

I'm talking no wall space for any of my mirrors or frames or art. No room in the closets for my clothes and junk. No room in the spare bedrooms for my old apartment furniture from Dallas. And still to this day 90% of the things in the house are JT's. Majority of my things are still in storage from 3 years ago. I know.

Don't get me wrong I've made a few changes. My clothes and shoes now reside in the master bedroom closet as oppossed to the spare bedroom they used to be in, I've upgraded our carpet, I've helped pick out a new leather sectional (which I compromised on...I love fabric couches not leather), and I've helped paint the spare bedrooms.

BUT there's still a shit ton of things we need to do. So one day I'd like to have a house where the pool table is not in the dining room, the bedroom furniture matches, and the paint on the walls isn't bright red and tan, and brown. I want wood floors, gray paint, homey furniture, and a more put together feel. I basically want it to look like the Pinterest home decor section exploded into my house.

All in time. Until then, I'll just be pinning away all of my design dreams. Here's some of my favorite Pinterest inspirations for you on this Saturday. I'm watching Harry Potter, doing laundry, and drinking a chai latte today. What are you doing?
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Lisamarie said...

I absolutely understand wanting an "us" house. Your ideas are fabulous so I am sure your guy will be on board!

Chelsea Lane said...

long comment ahead! fair warning. haha.

I loved reading this post! you will have so much fun decorating your "us" house, but that is so sweet that moving in worked perfectly for you guys. also I LOVE your outfit in the post below and the ink story is definitely tragic. ALSO I am from Seattle and was so happy to read those two posts! the edgewater is definitely a favorite and it looks like you hit up some great great places. you are SO cute and I love the height difference between you and bub! haha ALSO funny because I call like everyone I know bub so it only feels natural. haha.