Tuesday, July 24, 2012


A. I have been so sore all day from my Monday workout that it's been hard to sit, stand, step off curbs, squat and bend over. So sore in fact, that I flinch and moan when having to sit down on the toilet. Nice. Super nice.
B. It is hot as balls today in AZ. Gross. Annnd the black leather in my car isn't helping.
Ughh. In other news, I finally watched the finale of the Bachelorette last night. I'm so happy that she chose Jef. I think Arie was a goober. I just hope Emily likes Jef as much as he likes her. I sometimes feel like she's not as in to him...but time will tell!

Work was so crazy today. The day just got away from me and before I knew it I was writing an offer for some buyers and looked at the clock and realized it was 7:45pm. Sheet. Long day. It all worked out though, I had a break in between my two last appointments and was able to watch Pretty Little Liars.
I know. I'm such a high schooler. But I love that show! The only thing I don't love about it so much is the fashion choices lately. Seriously. What high school would allow the girls to dress like that? We had to have shorts, dresses, and skirts past our fingertips and straps on our shirts had to be at least 3 or 4 fingers in width. And if you didn't abide by these rules they gave you a XXXXL neon yellow shirt to wear over your clothes and you had to wear it the whole day. How do I know this? I got caught with a spagetti strap shirt on and had to wear one of said beautiful shirts. I looked awesome all day. And I never wore my spaggetti strap to school again. You're welcome for that story. Either my school was super old fashioned or high schools are WAY more lienient on the dress codes now a days.

Anyways, now that I'm way out of high school, I can wear whatever the heck I want. Boo-yah high school. And this is what I decided to wear today:
Your daily Brady Dog. You're welcome.
There he is again. Little creeper.

Had a good hair day finally! I'm wearing a Girl Krazy chambray shirt and Black Crystal white skinny denim both from Marshalls. The white jeans are my favorite of all time. They're thick enough to not show my chonies, but thin enough to be comfy. Shoes are G by Guess, also from Marshalls.
And of course we had another beautiful sunset in AZ tonight. Love it.

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