Tuesday, July 10, 2012


BB     1

Found this photo on Pinterest awhile back. I remember the only thing I liked about the outfit was the slouchy gold top and I vowed to keep an eye for one for the holidays. Welp, I didn’t end up finding the exact style, but I found something with a similar feel. A couple weeks ago in Vegas I bought this gold tank and chocolate brown skinnies and I couldn’t wait to wear them together. I felt like the chocolate brown pants would be more versatile in my wardrobe and I was right. I’ve been wearing them non stop with all sorts of colors and neutrals.
I love the slouchyness of the tank and the sheen on it steps it up a little from your average plain tank. This top is easy to dress up or down. I think I’ll try it next with some ripped up denim and see how I like it.


Natali Crystal said...

LOVE this outfit on you x
looks fab xxx

Natali Crystal xox

Jessica, or Jet, whatever you prefer said...

Thank you!