Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I'm so happy it's already Wednesday, aren't you? I'm looking forward to an escape to San Diego this weekend to get out of this hot 100 degree weather we're having here in AZ. Ugghhh. Gross.
And one of JT's employees called in sick yesterday so poor guy ended up working from 7 in the morning till almost 10 at night. I felt so bad, he was a tired Mr. this morning. The icing on the cake was that there was a stupid purring pigeon outside our window this morning so he only got to sleep in until 5:30am. Dumb pigeon! I know he's looking forward to a mini vacation too.

On a more fashion-y note, I bought this dress forever ago at Marshalls because I loved the navy blue color and it was in my price range and I was looking to add more dresses to my closet. It's sort of sweater material and it was an odd length for me, so for a long time I never wore it. Then I had this wedding to go to last Fall and I pulled it out to wear because I thought it screamed Fall wedding appropriate. I think I wore it with tights too...idk. Anyways, turns out I got a ton of compliments on it that night and with it belted the length really wasn't an issue. Since then I've worn it a couple times and have never washed it. Eww. I know. But it's one of those materials that doesn't seem to get dirty and it's not like I sweat in it or anything, so I would just hang it up after wearing it everytime.

Just recently though I accidentally threw it in the washer without noticing and dried it too!! I freaked out when I pulled it out of the dryer, but when I threw it on again I realized it had shrank up to the PERFECT length! Such good luck! So now it's in constant rotation as one of my "work" dresses. Today I paired it with camel colored shoes and a belt.

Little Brady Dog decided he wanted to pose too! (And I decided I to do the "I-have-to-pee" legs?)
Marshalls Dress by Max Studio: $29

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The Slice said...

I love these shoes! :)