Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Red and Loverlee

I paint my nails a lot. And I'm totally a sucker for cheap nail polish. I just cannot justify spending 8-10 dollars on nail polish no matter how hard I try to make myself believe it's worth it. I seriously pump myself up before I go to the store and tell myself "Today is the day I buy an Essie/OPI nail polish." And then I go in the store. See the price tag. And chicken out.

I think too much about it I guess. I negotiate with myself by logically thinking I could buy this one fancy nail polish or buy 6 of these other brand of nail polish plus a sub sandwich. Ha not really a sub sandwich, but you know what I mean.

Case in point, I have 132468234 of the N.Y.C nail polishes because they're usually only like $1 or less. My most recent expensive polish purchase though, was Sally Hansens Hard as Nails in Clear. LOVE IT! Makes my nails hard as rocks and is a shiny shiny top coat.

So after having my nails a soft petal pink for a few days, I decided to go sassy and paint my nails a bright ass red. I love it and it put me in a great mood for some reason (see the following pictures for evidence).

Hoping the red nails cheer up my work week that starts tomorrow. Tomorrow you ask? Yes, tomorrow. I'm working an extremely awkward shift this week, Wednesday through Saturday. Joy. Here's to red nails cheering up an awkward dreary work week. xo
oooo yeeee

So many baby hairs! How do you tame those?!

Oh, and if you haven't had a good laugh in awhile, check out my YouTube videos. You can find me under JETMoscato. I'm now officially a YouTube addict. Help me. xo

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