Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Throat Issues

Progressively feeling worse as the day goes on. My throat is killing me! I know this feeling. It's the feeling of sickness coming on. I haven't been this type of sick in a long time. Guess it's a long time comin.

Truth is, since I got my tonsils out a few years ago, I hardly ever get sick anymore. But this pain in the back of my throat reminds me of the old days when every two to three weeks I would be sick and stuck in bed with terrible swollen tonsils. Eww.

I am now going to cut a lemon in half and suck on it (something my mom used to have me do when I was little and I had sore throats) and then plop myself on the couch until the boyfriend comes home to rescue me. (FYI I know lemon is SO terrible for your teeth. But it's a habit 24 years in the making. Forgive me tooth fairy....I'm sickly)

Please go away sickness. I hate you. xo

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