Thursday, June 23, 2011

Orange Sherbert

Orange Sherbert

Is it weird that I just ate like 10 green olives out of a coffee cup with a fork? Not sure what my logic was behind all this, but it was sooooo good. Totally satisfied by salt craving. I'm sure y'all wanted to know this.

Today is my Friday and I couldn't be more happy about that. The job was SUPER slow this week (not uncommon). We're headed out to Vegas on Saturday and I am really really stoked to shop at H&M. Can. Not. Wait. I've been saving my pennies for this weekend and I'm totally going to buy a new wardrobe for my closet and donate all my high school clothes to somewhere.

I'm obsessing over trying to find this bright orange sheer chiffon button down top I saw in a magazine yesterday. Problem is I can't find it anywhere!! I'm so bummed. It was a nicole by Nicole Miller top from, but the magazine was a couple months old and when I went to the jcp website I didn't find it there. So sad! I even just straight Googled it, hoping it would pop up on some other website, but no dice.

So what's a girl to do? Lust over bright orange, melon stripes, and heather gray via Polyvore that's what! Cool thing is, all of the things you see about in my little fashion cluster are under $50! And half of them are on sale right now. Amen to that.

Orange Sherbert by MoscatoVilla featuring breda watches


Sorcha said...

Guh, the H&M block-striped top in the bottom-right is to die for. Right after my shopping ban ends I'm checking the H&M website - I haven't been in there in FOREEEEEEEVER!

Have fun in Vegas!

Sorcha x
Bonfire Brunette

Val said...

Loving each and every piece.

kirstyb said...

really loving that H&M top - want want want x