Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Liars Are Back

Have y'all been watching the second season of Pretty Little Liars? Well if you haven't seen the episode from last night quit reading this post, spoilers are about to be written!

So, ABC Family did it again and faked me out! I completely fell for the plot line that Aria and Ezra (my fave couple on the show who I refuse to acknowledge that are a fictional couple) were going to break up! The premier episode had me thinking the worst and so did the beginning of episode 2, but thank goodness in the end they had a big smooching session and I think all is well now.

My fingers are crossed they stay together! BUT I thought it was a little weird that she ran out of the school and jumped on him and made out with him right in the school parking lot and there were school buses in the background. Like, didn't anyone see them? They were in the SCHOOL parking lot! Weird.

But maybe now since he won't be teaching at the school anymore it will be okay that he's dating a 16 year old? No? I don't know. But I love them. Together. Forever.

And yes I'm a total freak about this show and just love it so much. The fashion, the drama, the romance, the set totally pulls my in on all levels of amazing-ness.

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Sorcha said...

PLL is SUCH a guilty pleasure show. I don't want to get sucked in but I do every time!