Thursday, June 23, 2011

20 Questions Tag!

Wanna see what a nerd I really am? Here's my most recent YouTube video. Enjoy!


Ashley said...

i LOVED this! you are so video-able! i did a vlog for tomorrow and it is so akward! i love sonia kashuk and elf makeup too! aww this makes me wish we lived close now! we'd totally be BFF! :)

kirstyb said...

love this post thanks for sharingx

luxe + lillies said...

so cute! loved getting to know more about you.

I'm so with you on energy drinks... eeewwww!!!

But - I will share my face lotion tip with you. I'm an absolute lunatic about my skin. I have every anti-wrinkle/wrinkle prevention machine, creme, you name it, AND.. I love love love "Say Yes To Tomatoes" face lotion from target. I think its $6 for a tube and I just love the consistency of it and how it moisturizes.

Jet said...

Thanks so much y'all. It's the most awkward thing to film a video, but also really fun! @luxe, thanks for the suggestion! I've seen that brand so many times but never tried it because I don't know anyone that uses it. But now, because of you, I will FORCE myself to shop for that face lotion. haha xo