Monday, May 2, 2011

The Royal Wedding (That I'm Extremely Jealous Of)

So you think everything is going just right in your life and you think you're on a rising path compared to most of your peers. And then a prince and princess decide to tie the knot and have the biggest wedding the world has seen in a decade. And you realize how small you are in this world.

I DVR'd the Royal Wedding. All. 6. Hours. Of. It. I watched it on Friday afternoon when I got home from work. First of all, I cried about 4 times normally, and then whimpered the rest of the wedding saying things like "How romaaaantic" and "I want a Royal wedding."
I thought it was beautiful.

And might I add, it went off without a hitch. No one tripped, no one stuttered, no one dropped their tiara. It was perfection in pure form.

A lot of girls I talked to about the wedding said they expected "more" from Kate's wedding dress. I on the other hand thought it was amazing and just right, not to mention something I had in mind for my wedding day. Grace Kelly and her wedding dress are something I covet, so when I saw Kate step out of the car I thought she hit the nail right on the head.

I loved every minute of the wedding. And did you know that Kate did her own makeup for the wedding? She was trained by a makeup artist so she could do her own thing on the big day and I think she just looked beautiful. You look up bride in the dictionary and her picture should be pasted there. For real.

Here are some of my favorite captures from the day. 

What a crazy dream come true it must have been for her parents. They looked so cute!

Did you know they drove off in this after Buckingham? How cute are their "C" and "W" balloons?



I love the traditions that they keep in Britain. I am so jealous of the love they have of their culture and history. I am in awe of the entire Royal Wedding proceedings. I am wishing America was more like Britain in regards to being more aware and open to the traditions of the past. I also wish we kept more of the historic places around instead of tearing them down to build cement boxes.

I just love London too, and can't wait to go visit there again. I used to think I was going to move there when I was younger. Maybe in the future? We'll seeeeeee.

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