Friday, May 20, 2011

Good Gosh

I have just been Sa-lacking on the blog posts lately. Could be because I've been doing p90x and have been so exhausted after that I don't want to move. Or it could be because I am on a never ending quest to find a new job-y-poo. Or it could be because sometimes I get intimidated to blog.

Intimidated? Yes. Very much so. I look around all day at all the other blogs I LOVE to read and after reading them I think..."Wow. My life seems so mundane and blah compared to these girls." It makes me think twice about doing this.

But then I smack myself mentally and tell myself that this is not about being the best blogger on the earth. This is about having a nice quiet space to ramble on about whatever I please. So here I sit. Rambling.

So I mentioned a while back that I took a weekend trip to Vegas for the first time in my life. We had a blast and I hardly took any pictures at all because of that fact, but here are a few from the set that I took. xo

{ Upon our arrival we headed straight to the buffet at The Luxor (I LOVE buffets) and I grabbed a fortune cookie with my chinese and this is what it said! I was totally thinking I was going to win a million dollars on the trip...}
(Do you think they make these types of fortunes especially for casinos? It's very casino-y don't you think?)

{ Dessert from the buffet. Chocolate mousse and a fruit tart! }

{ Obviously not prepared for the photo. Awkward smile.. }
Top: Walmart, Shorts: American Eagle, Bag: Guess, Watch: Fossil, Belt: Target

{ Didn't realize till I got to the hotel and hung up my outfits that I only brought black, white, and gray clothes. Show me the color! }

{ The coolest jelly belly Statue of Liberty inside of New York New York }

{ close-up }

{ Super awkward pic of me trying to pose next to this statue at The Luxor...}
Top & skirt: Coco Boutique, Shoes: Soda, Watch: Fossil, Clutch: Coach

And that's that! I wanted to tell you too that today I totally hit a bird on the way home. :( I felt so bad! Poor birdy. Everyone say a prayer please! xox

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