Monday, March 7, 2011

Oh yah. This is happening.

Before I get into why I'm having a glass of wine on a Monday night BEFORE the boyfriend comes home (not the usual), let me show you what my weekend consisted of. Everything that I had planned as "to-do" didn't happen. We were at the car show all weekend, Friday night, Saturday and Sunday. We had a car in the show so this amount of time hanging out there was to be expected. I just didn't realize how exhausted I would be once we got home at night. Days were spent walking the lawn and looking at the over 1,000 classic car entrants and eating lots of yummy carnival type food. Nights were filled with beer garden standing and concert listening until midnight. So needless to say the before-and-after project I had waiting in the wings for this weekend never got realized. Hopefully tomorrow evening will be the night! (The Bachelor is on tonight so tonight is out of the question :)

I took way too many pictures this weekend but these ones are my favorite. Of course I had to take a picture next to the pink car.
{Cheapy boots from F21 or Agacci Too can't remember, Guess jeans, Abercrombie & Fitch tank and ruffled top, New York & Company circle scarf with rhinestone pin (my fave scarf!)}

{Pretty teal GMC with swirl pinstriping}
{Another pink one! My moms fantasy car, a Thunderbird}

{I loved the root beer paint color on this one!}

{Pretty beads for sale down vendor row}

{My favorite car of the show, love that green!}

Okay, so here's the reason I am having an early bird glass of wine right now....a job I applied for that I really wanted just notified me today that I didn't get the position. Boo. I really thought I had it. Hence the wine. I keep telling myself this is happening because something better will come along. Hopefully that's the case! Happy Monday!

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