Thursday, March 3, 2011

Kiss goodbye to the work week!

The best Moscato for $5.00 (seriously) Via

So ready for this week to be over! Luckily I have this weekend off. Weekends at my job consist of working Friday and Saturday because our normal weeks are Mon-Thurs. We work ten hour shifts so we get in the 40 hours in 4 days. This weekend will be filled with much needed down time and hopefully a meet up with my mom for some good food and wine. There's also a classic car show in town (that we're a part of) so I'll post some photos of the event soon! I'm a sucker for a tufted couch, so the one below from Elle Decor is definitely on my fantasy list. I'll be picturing myself on this beauty tomorrow as I relax!
 Happy Thursday all! xo

Hopefully this weekend I'll get around to a special "before and after" extravaganza going on in my so called walk-in closet. Wish me luck and photos will follow!

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