Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Before and After: Master Walk-In Closet

So when I moved in with the boyfriend a year ago I slowly moved my clothes from the closet in the spare bedroom to the walk-in in our master bedroom as I awaited some space to free-up in there. Having lived in his home for 4 years prior to my move in, it was a little shock for him to realize he now had to half everything with regards to storage. I was thrilled when I came home one day and half the walk-in closet was empty just waiting for me to fill it with all of my stuff. (No more getting dressed in the spare bedroom, YAY!)  The closet is strangely shaped  in almost a T with three built in floor-to-ceiling shelves mixed in with upper and lower hanging bars between. This sounds wonderful until you add the fact that the builder put a door on this closet that opened INWARD.

This is where my before and after mission begins. The inward facing door was always in my way when I would try to get to my clothes and shoes. I practically had to shut myself in the closet to avoid being pushed around by the door. I finally begged the boyfriend long enough to take the door off and with my surprise he did it! So now I can really get in there and see all my stuff. Can you say Reorganize? Here are the "before" photos of my half of the closet. As you can see it is a mess having been so hard to get  to because of the door problem.


{From my old apartment in Dallas}

I love a clean house, especially a clean closet! I'm so happy with the space I now have in the closet. I can actually walk to the end and see all my clothes in the back. During this process I collected two large trash bags that will be taking a one way trip to GoodWill tomorrow. It feels so nice to be so fresh and so clean!


Sarah said...

The organization here gives me heart flutters.

I want to see your orange office!! I don't know how anyone with an orange office can say they're afraid of color! haha

~Sarah W.

Jet said...

Ah thanks! It took me 123823478234 hours to get it looking like that but it was well worth it. I will have to post my office for you! But you will soon find out that although the wall is orange everything else is neutral. White desk, brown desk, white lamp, white get the picture. Mixing colors with prints is so hard for me! One day tho...