Monday, March 28, 2011

A Fitch

Just "RAN". Cannot even begin to tell you how out of shape I am. Here I am sweating my hair out and all I did was run up the block and back (with walking breaks spaced in there). Not even a mile people! Trying to get into semi-good looking shape by May. Going to vegas and want to be able to get into a bathing suit.

Anyways enough about about we talk about how cute Abercombie and Fitchs clothes are right now? I know, totally junior high teen store but they actually have some things that I would buy right now. Love it! Annnnnd it seems like their prices have gone down. Just me? I don't know...I havent shopped there in like 4 years but these babies might make me go back!

Top Row: Vivian Tank in White: $20.40
Kendell Dress in Red: $48.00
Breana Tank in Navy: $44.00
Coby Dress in White: $78.00

Bottom Row: Kaele Shirt in Grey Stripe: $19.60
Gemma Tank in White: $48.00
Gwen Bikini in Pink Floral: $33 Top & $25.50 Bottom

Thinking about shopping at A & F again? Me too! I just wonder how their swimsuits fit. I love that pink floral one! xo

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