Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Beam Me Up Scottie

Just got home from the dentist. Still. Numb. Looooovely.

There's tried and true architecture that no matter where I am will always take my breath away. This design feature gets me every time and when I see it I can't stop staring and annoyingly saying that "I want that in myyyyyyy house." What do I speak of you ask? Exposed Beams. To die for aspect in any home in my opinion.

To me they shout "I hold up this house, look how strong and handsome I am"....or something like that. I just can't take my eyes off exposed beams when I see them in places. I especially like when they're a rich dark color or hand-scraped. 

Check out these spaces and then let me know what you think! Do you have exposed beams in your casa?

Very traditional, unstained looking beams. Spotted here.
Modern and chevron patterned. Here

Exposed beam and exposed brick? Heaven! Via

Love the deep cherry finish on these beams + stained concrete makes this the perfect modern minimalist bedroom! Via

Wouldn't mind working in this sweet office! From here.

Holy amazing! Exposed beams and a huge log beam across a grand fireplace. Hello vacation home! Via

A little too stark for me but I do love a dark wood floor. All white beams almost hide such a wonderful design detail! Via

I heart exposed beams. And hazelnut hot chocolate. xo

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