Thursday, March 24, 2011

Audrina Style Love

We all know Audrina from The Hills or Dancing with the Stars.....but I consider her a trend setter in fashion above all else. She makes the simplest of black tank tops look stylish, always has a glowing tan, and can rock any mini dress out there. Case in point her walk down the red carpet last night for the launch of her "Audrina" reality show premiering on Vh1 as well as her cover of Runway magazine.

How fa-reeking cute is her ensemble?! I love everything about it. Gold and black belted shiny green sparkly frock with peep toe shoes and wavy gorgeous hair? SO cute! This is something I would wear on a swanky night out hands down no questions asked. Here's to hoping she brings more of this adorable fashion to her reality show!


Whitney said...

Hellloooo there! :) I'm baaaaaaaaack. Haha. And I totally agree with your choice of style "icon"..Love Audrina's style as well and I swear that girl NEVER has a bad hair day. Lucky, lucky girl. Anywho, Oh! Also saw that pic of your new car. Sooo cute! Great choice! See you sooooon!

Jet said...

So glad you're back! I was beginning to worry! Thanks I looove my new car...first one I've ever had with power locks and power windows. Yay! :)