Thursday, December 20, 2012


Yesterday as I was lounging with my sick hubby-to-be I started looking around my house and realized how cozy it felt with all the Christmas decorations up. This year I didn't go all out like I did last year, but rather, I picked out my favorite things and found them a home. I think my favorite thing is the Christmas tree. It's simple this year..only cluttered with a few sentimental ornaments and the rest covered with extra decorative branches stuffed in strategic places. This year I went with a blue, red, and gold gift wrapping theme. Sort of overwelming, but I like it. Last year I did brown packaging paper with green ribbon and I think I might do it again next was just so elegant. I just can't wait for everyone to open their gifts. That's the best part of Christmas in my opinion...watching everyone open what you've made or bought for them. So awesome.

Our entry table with my favorite mini tree and a pile of X-mas cards

A cute FaLaLaLaLa gift bag waiting to be given

One of my favorite photo booth photos graces our mini tree

A special 2 year anniversary ornament from JT's mom a few years ago

Our 2012 Christmas Tree

And of course, my favorite little furry ears in the world

Today I plan to work less and hang out with my fiance since he's sick. So I quickly threw on my favorite Levi jeans, a lumberjack shirt from American Eagle, my over-worn Guess wedges, and my new obsession leather jacket. I have one in a camel color, but this is the first black leather jacket I've even owned. I have to say, I feel like such a badass wearing it. Like, I feel like people look at me and wonder "damn..who's ass is she going to go kick right now?" haha or something like that...I purchased this Pink Envelope jacket at Burlington Coat Factory for like $35. I'm in love.
I seriously need to clean this mirror...


phiphis blog said...

so cute!! the entry is adorable, as are your photo booth pictures! hope your fiance is feeling better soon! xox

Zoe said...

What a lovely blog post Jessica, I have made it my mission lately to take more photos, you have reminded me why! You will look back on these fondly for years to come I'm sure!

Enjoy the holiday season xx