Wednesday, August 8, 2012


And I'm sitting here in my pj's as I write this, still playing catch up on sleep, work, and time. We had a great mini vacay starting on Friday with Phoenix. We drove up the day before we flew out so we could check out a wedding venue I liked, the Trilogy at Vistancia.
It was pretty. But I didn't have a "this is it!" moment. And it's at least 20 minutes from any hotels, which means we'd have to hire shuttles to take people to and from their lodging. So we crossed it off our list as a contender.

Friday outfit: F21 Skirt (old), Matisyahu concert t-shirt, F21 Necklace, Victorias Secret Luggage
Arriving at the Seattle airport
View from the hotel room & sign leading you to the original Starbucks
Then Saturday morning at 3:30am, I know, we woke up and went to the airport to catch our red eye and flew to Seattle.
I was expecting cloudy, overcast, rainy, cooler temperatures, sooo naturally I packed scarves, jeans, and a couple jackets. Um it was record heat. Like upper 90's. No clouds. Hot. And I was sweating all day. Eww.
Our yummy breakfast at the hotel once we arrived...we got there about 9:30am after our flight

We didn't get the Seattle weather I was hoping for until the last day when we flew out. At least I packed a couple shorts just in case. Waaarrmmma.
At Pike's Place Market
Seattle was so fun though. Awesome restaurants, fun museums and things to go see, and quality family time which was the main reason I went. Only wish we could have stayed longer.
Outside of our hotel at sunset and of course we visted the space needle
We went to the space needle in the afternoon but the line to get up there was 2 hours wait, so we came back at 11 at night (they stay open until midnight) and we had no wait and we were practically up there alone. It was awesome.
At the Chihuly Glass Museum

More photos to come...but this will do for now. I'm realizing in all my 200 photos trying to figure out what to upload and I have probably 30% pictures of food. I could do a whole Seattle food post. Shit.


I am Megan said...

Im loving that first outfit! Looks like you guys had a great time in Seattle

I am Megan said...

Oh and just read in your about me that you are a chai latte addict. Amen! Best drink ever!