Wednesday, August 22, 2012


So my Anatomy and Physiology course is pretty intense. It's an accelerated course so instead of the regular August-December time frame, I'm doing the course in 8 weeks. August 20th-October 13. Awesome for a lot of reasons. Stressful for the same.

So basically I'm reading and doing quizzes on chapters every 2 days. So I had Monday and Tuesday to read chapter 1 and 2 and then quizzed on it today. Then I have tomorrow and Friday to read chapter 3 and 4 and quizzed on it on Saturday.

Holy balls.

It's a lot when you add in a full time job, 2nd online class, needy fiance, and regular everday shiz. Oh and I forgot my scruffy little boy. In the midst of my back to school stuff, my little Brady dog became a boy once again. No longer a man, he got his junk cut off. Neutered. Poor fellow. So for 10-14 days he has to rest and for at least week he has to wear this ring around his neck.

My scruffy little ring bearer. He looks so bewildered, no?

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