Thursday, August 16, 2012


So today's meals have started off awesome followed by what the hell. Breakfast was turkey bacon, nectarine, and protein milk. Then it all went downhill. The rest of the days meals consisted of a root beer and cheeto lunch followed by a homemade chai tea latte. Then I got the sudden urge for cookies.

So I've been baking for like an hour now. Chocolate chip. And I successfully ate at least two cookies worth of dough as well.

It's either lady time or baby time cuz these cravings are nuts. (I'm like 99.99% sure it can't be baby time. Right?)

Other than my strange appetite, today has been a very relaxing day. I dubbed this my "day off" and have only gone into the office one time so far. Everything else I've been doing from the comfort of my couch and or office chair. Lovely. I'm planning to make a trip up to Marshalls in a few to try and find some white shorts since my Brady dog ruined my other ones. I need some. NEED.

In other news. I wore this yesterday. And I think I had a hand in bringing the cloudy weather to town, because after wearing this dark combo it rained overnight and then most of the morning today. You're welcome little Arizona town. You're welcome.

Hmm I wonder where all my clothes are from? Yep. Top and Pants= Marshalls, Shoes=Burlington Coat Factory. I'm wildly unpredictable, no?

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Em in the Sun said...

I love these grey pants!