Wednesday, August 15, 2012


1. So after reading THIS post I knew I needed to try this BB cream makeup everyone is talking about. And when I say everyone I mean all the bloggers I stalk. Not sure how I came across Morgan's blog in the first place, but somehow I did and it just so happened the post I first read was on her experience with BB cream. Needless to say I was sold by the time I went to comment on her post. Trust me, if you read it you'll be sold too.

So I ventured out to Sephora fully aware I was about to spend at least $40 to get this Dr. Brandt BB Cream. $40 is a lot to spend on makeup for me period. I usually stick with the Sonia Kashuk or drugstore brands, so this was a splurge. BUT Morgan made it sound like the most amazing thing to hit her skin so I had to try it.

So here it is. It's suppossed to self adjust and match any skin tone. I feel like it picks up some of my freckle coloring though because it makes my face look slightly tanner than the rest of my body. And I'm still trying to figure out the best way to apply it. I've been using my fingers, but I almost want to use a brush sometimes. I do love it though. It's full coverage but doesn't feel cakey or like I have anything on. It lasts ALL day on me too which is freaking awesome and never happens. I'll have to give it some more time to see if I can really call it a forever favorite, but so far so good.

So Sephora is sort of like Target. You go in for one thing and end up leaving spending too much money. I spent $100 on two items at Sephora. TWO ITEMS. Holy shit. I know. But it was well worth it. Not only did I get the BB cream but I went ahead and bought the Naked Palette by Urban Decay. I'm like the last person on the planet to buy this, but I finally did. I always thought it was too expensive and I mean how good can eyeshadow be anyways?

My eyes have been opened! This more expensive shadow is actually really really good and it came with the eyelid primer too, which for the first time in my whole life the eyeshadow stayed put on my eyeball ALL. DAY. Nuts. Why didn't I try expensive stuff sooner? I guess I've been getting what I pay for.

2. Have you guys  watched the "Gallery Girls" show on Bravo yet? I mean really. Is that how everyone in New York acts? I hope not. I've never been there, but seeing that show made me not want to go. Or at least never go to a gallery in New York. Majority of the girls were so rude and mean and full of themselves and stuck up and crap talkers and oh lord I can go on forever.
I mean it was entertaining, but the whole time I was watching I kept looking over at JT and saying "gosh she's mean huh?" Watch it and tell me your thoughts.

3. This week has been a uniform kind of week. Skinny jeans, loose top, wedges, hair curled. Easy peezy. And I need to figure out something different to take outfit photos. Idk if it's the mirror or my phone or what but the pictures are blurry. Sorry about that.

F21 Tank and Tunic, Marshalls skinny jeans, G by Guess wedges.

Now it's time to relax before this crazy day gets started. My appointments start going at 1pm today so I'm soaking it all in until then.

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