Monday, July 16, 2012


Went to Target yesterday. On my list of things I "need" were pony tails, hair barretts, nude nail polish, and shorts. The essentials, no? I mainly went to Target to kill time before my 2 o'clock showing, so slowly walked every aisle of the beauty and hair section. I was looking for the perfect nude nail polish, which I didn't find. Not even Essie had one. So then I scooped up some hair ties and barretts and moved on to the shorts.
Strike two. Didn't find any shorts. So I went back over to the beauty section to surf around and I ended up finding and buying the most amazing lip product on the face of this earth. I give you, Vaseline Lip Therapy. Hallelujah!! The angels are a singing!


I follow the Possesstionista on Twitter and she had recently written an article about what Bachelorette Emily Maynard uses for lip product on the show. Naturally I was curious because I'm obsessed with the whole Bachelor/Bachelorette series, plus I'm always noticing the different lip glosses Emily wears.
Sometimes she has a peachy pink on and other times the perfect shade of nude. Upon reading the Possesstionista article I found out that Emily usually just uses a nude or pink lip liner and then puts Vaseline over the top.
As soon as I read that I thought random, but good idea. So of course when I spotted this Vaseline Lip Therapy in the aisle my inner I-want-to-wear-what-celebrities-wear diva came out and I quickly grabbed it and put it in my basket.
I know Emily uses regular Vaseline, but this Lip Therapy product is the most amazing thing I've ever put on my lips. It's awesome. And it comes in the CUTEST miniature size Vaseline tub. Bonus! I love mini things.
I'm probably like the last person on the planet to discover this stuff, but I had to blog about it. It just totally made my day.
It's the little things people.

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