Tuesday, November 8, 2011


So as I mentioned yesterday, I started a new job. And with my new job comes my very own office. An office that is twice the size of our home office with four whole walls ripe for the decorating. I have no stinking clue what to put on the walls, how to fill my book case, or what type of chairs I want in front of my desk.

I have always dreamed of having my own office (lame,  I know) and I thought I would be so excited to decorate it any way I please. But now that this dream has become reality I'm stumped. I have absolutely no clue what to do.

A lady down the hallway from me just moved into her office too, but I swear to you like overnight she had it decorated in true Elle Decor fashion. I was blown away. This Monday when I walked into the office I went straight to hers to see how the decorating was coming along and BAM! I walk right into a freaking fully finished office.

I'm a little jealous of how easy she made it look. Which has gotten me all the more frustrated with myself that I can't get a grip and freaking put something on the walls.

So what's a girl to do? Search Pinterest for hours on end for "inspiration". Which really means I'm going to look at something and if I like it then I'm going to try and replicate it exactly. (I'm a total copier but whatevs). Here's a sneak peek of my office and it's glorious blank walls.

So as you can see I have cherry wood, southwest wood, and pine I think. The whole office has a very southwest appearance.

See that bookcase? Chyeahh..what the heck do I put in there? And those chairs! Hideous?! Either new cushions are needed or some brand new ones will have to be bought.

Those black and whites on the wall were already there when I moved in. Sooo I think I'm going to redo the collage wall a bit.

Areas where I'm stuck:

Wall space above long table behind my desk. Artwork? Photos? Collage? Clock?

Bookshelf. What. The. Hell.

Walls to the right, left and front of my desk. HAha. So basically every freaking wall. Artwork?

I also want to buy a cute rug, lampss, candles, wreath, storage baskets, and some other knick knacks to put around. Also thinking about displaying my college diploma. Or does that say "look at what I did" too much? Help.

Oh decorating Gods. Please speak to me. Love Jet

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