Saturday, September 24, 2011

Door Jewelry

So I want to make us a wreath. For our front door. Obviously. I've made one before and I'm itching to make a cute holiday inspired one or one with our house number on it. Here are some of my favorite inspirations...

This is my number one all time favorite. So simple but so classic. Love!

Cute fall moss and pumpkin wreath. I especially love the big bow!

Such a cute idea for winter time!

Helloooooo gorgeous!

Cute! But the color of the door isn't working for me. I do like the fleur de lis hanger though...

So cute! And looks like it's made out of old book pages.

Love this one! But it's hard to find this much green in AZ where I live. I'd have to make it with all fake flowers.

Anyways, I need to figure this out soon because I keep finding new ideas and it's driving me nuts that I haven't made one yet! Hope everyone's Saturday is amazeballs!

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