Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Burnt Biscuits

(Not me, obvs....but Kim when she got sunburned. Now imagine this....on my ass. Niiice.)

So I had a loverlee post all planned out for this evening. And then I went to the tanning salon after work. And for the first time since I start tanning at tanning salons (since age 18), I burnt THE shit out of my ass. Big time. This has never EVER happened to me before.

Now I am not an avid fake baker. I tan usually right before a big trip out of town, like Jamaica last year or in this case, this year we're going on a cruise next month so I want to look bronzed. Either big events or spray tan is usally when I go. Or right before summer  time that way I have a base tan before I hit the river.

So I would say I tan maybe 2 months total out of a year. Small peaches compared to most I think. But I've been doing this since I turned 18 and never have I ever burnt myself.

This is bad people. Like red, can see exactly where my body smooshes to the plexiglass bed, splotches. Splotches that cover my entire ASS, back of my arms, calfs (in nice oval shapes. chyeah..), and shoulder/upper back area.

By far the worst spot is my ass. Big time red lobster-ness going on there. If this weren't a family friendly blog I would photograph my ass and put it on here so you could join in my humilation. I'm embarassed.

I'm hopeing it fades away by tomorrow. Here's to hoping. And aloe vera. Oy.

xo Oh and sorry for the excessive use of the word ass. I just needed to vent it out. Ass.

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