Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hurry Up And Wait

I hate waiting. Hate it. I hate knowing that I want SO bad for something and knowing that I have to wait for it. It's like being a little kid who can't reach the candy bar on the counter in the kitchen. You know it's there. You see it. You dream about it. You know one day you'll be able to reach it and when you do reach it, it will be so good. But for now you have to wait. And watch all the adults around you reach for that candy bar before you.

I hate waiting. I just want to be there already. Be at a place in my life where I'm so excited to wake up everyday and do something I totally love. I feel an emptyness inside and it's hard to determine if it's just because I wish for a more fulfilling job or because I'm still holding on to childhood dreams. 

Is this getting deep or what?! haha. Annnnyways enough of the tomato soup for the teenage soul over are some pictures of me from tonight. Went out with a friend for some dinner and this is what I wore out.
Top: Marshalls, Cami: Marshalls, Jeans: Anchor Blue, Watch: Fossil, Belt: Target

Love the little lace pocket detail
I got it in a size too big so it would be more flowy

Shoes: Target, Nails: NYC Skin Tight Denim polish



Andee Layne said...

super cute and your hair is gorgeous love!

Leah said...

first of all, love that your top is from Marshalls -that store has such great deals & treasures when you hit it right:) love your about me with the vino and couch -I'm the same way:)


Jet said...

@Andee, thank you so much! @Leah, I live at Marshalls! haha they have the greatest finds!

SabrinaSays said...

Ummm.. Hey Girl Heeeey!

Thanks for commenting on my blog. made me laugh, fo sure!

I have a little song in store for tomorrow, you should check it out!

Sabrina Says

Jet said...

@Sabrina, your blog cracks me up! I will def be back tomorrow to see what song you've got planned!