Friday, May 27, 2011

Holy MAMA!

Did you watch The Biggest Loser Finale? Oh. My. Gosh. Hannah and Olivia are freaking bombshells!! They rocked it and look so great! Check out these before and afters. So proud of them. Love these girls!!

Olivia Before

And her sister Hannah before
Hannah before and after...How freakin awesome does she look?!

And Olivia before and after. She looks amazing!

And heeeere are the afters from the LIVE Finale!

And aren't these dresses drop dead gorgeous?! Not sure of the designer but I will find out soon. They looked like super models. I was crying when I saw them walk out. It's just so amazing to watch them all season and see how they transform their bodies and their minds.
Not only are they physically completely different, but they've gone through a complete mental transformation as well. It's amazing to see and very inspiring. THIS is how reality tv should be. Inspiring people to change and do good.

Love this show.

There are some things I wish they would have done differently on the finale:
1. They should have made a bigger deal for Jillian as it is her last season being a trainer. They barely mentioned her!
2. They should let the trainers stand on the stage during the reveals of the contestants. They shoved them off to the corner and we didn't hear a word from them the whole show. What the heck is up with that?! I wanted to hear what they had to say about all the amazing transformations!
3. They should have interviewed Olivia after she won the whole damn show! They didn't even ask her anything they just cut the show off. Not a good ending.

ABC..take note. Next finale I better see these changes...or else! Ha.


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