Thursday, April 7, 2011

Reverse : Esrever

Not too sure how or why it happened, but I have a weird obsession with taking words and thinking about, and sometime saying out loud, what these words would sound like if they were backwards. It's to the point where if I'm stopped at a red light and I see a sign that says "Chevron", for example, I automatically work it out in my head to be pronounced Norvehc (nor-veck).

I recently revealed this little habit to my co-workers, who thought it was hilarious, and started asking me things like "what's my name backwards?" or "what about the word Atlanta?". I have now successfully  turned each of my co-workers names into backwards-way-cooler-sounding names.

Example: Kyla is now Alyk (Alec....Baldwin...ha)

Nick is now Kcin (Ken)

Don't know what spawned this unwavering urge to change words into their backwards form, but it's a constant habit.

It's funny when I sit there, oblivious to those around me, and stare at a word (on say a bottle of Bath & Body Works lotion) that says "Carried". I'll work it out in my mind, flipping the letters around and then trying to pronunciate it in my head. Then, to the surprise of the other shoppers, do I shout out something like DEE-RACK! and embarrass myself. Now all the shoppers think I have Tourettes and also speak in a foreign language. Oh amuse me. Also, slightly annoying.

Happy Thursday. Yadsruht?

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