Monday, April 25, 2011

Easterrrrrr Weekend

Hello Hello!!

Hope everyone had a lovely Easter weekend. Mine was only 2 days long but for some reason it felt like I had 4 days off. (which I'm not complaining about). My weekend was filled with an OTL Tournament, getting a little shoulder sunburn while watching said OTL Tournament, hitting up a baby shower (that I totally dominated during the games portion), going out for eats and drinks with old friends, and hanging out with family for a good ol' Easter dinner.

Busy weekend yet amazingly relaxing. Who knew you could have both? We didn't catch any new movies like we usually do and I REALLLY want to see Water For Elephants because I read the book and It's. A. Mazing. Read it if you haven't yet. You'll love it. It's written by a woman, but she writes from a man's perspective which she does unbelievably well.

Anyways, here are some tidbits from my weekend. Time to watch Bethenny Ever After! Hello DVR!

This game I totally dominated and WON! You had to guess how many pink butter mints were in this giant baby bottle. I randomly chose a number that sounded good, 760. At the end of the shower she announced how many were in there and guess what?! There were freaking 7-5-9!!! 759 and I guess 760. Can you believe it? I should have bought a lottery ticket that day. Damn.

Pretty presents for the mama-to-be

Amazing fruit topping for the dessert!

Straight outta a magazine! This was made by the mama-to-be. I have baking-envy.

It was a lemon pound cake. MMMMmmmm!

We returned home from the tournament and our neighbors tree had sprinkled these pretty yellow flowers all over our front yard. Totally a Kodak moment. My hair's long.

Our dyed front lawn

The flowers up close and the tree they came from. Purty.

Sorry for the amount of pictures. Too much?

Anyways, I hope your Monday went well! xo

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