Monday, August 20, 2012


This weekend started off with a bang. We drove up to Phoenix on Friday to catch the first home pre-season game of the Cardinals. It was against the Raiders and if you know football you know the Raider fans are nuts. We saw three big fights right near our section, two of which had to be escorted out of the stands by the cops. Nice. Not all of them are that extreme, but once they're a few beers deep tensions get high and people get offended. It was entertaining to say the least
We stayed at the Renaissance Hotel which is walking distance from the stadium. That way we could drink and stumble home instead of driving somewhere. A little mini vacay for us.

By the way I was highly disappointed with my $8 margarita I got at the game. It was straight mix and like a drop of tequila. Gross. So I switched to a tall boy of Dos XX instead. I learned my lesson and will only be beer drinking at these games from now on. We had a great time and our seats turned out to be SO awesome (we got season tickets this year but didn't know where our seats would be exactly). Can you say aisle? The best.

Before making our way home on Saturday I talked JT into stopping by TJ Maxx so I could shop. I was disappointed because I actually had money and wanted to buy things so of course there was nothing that struck my fancy.
Nothing except for this little number. Say hello to my new Big Buddah purse. I've been looking for a small purse for everyday because I'm tired of carrying my suitcase size purse I have now. Actually the purse I have now is also a Big Buddah brand and I have to say it has held up quite well for being a discount store buy. This baby was only $19.99. Score! I'm a sucker for camel and gold already, but add that little pop of teal and I'm in heaven. Cute no?

And I wore my new pink shorts for the shopping excursion. I bought these shorts last week at Marshall's because A. they were tribal and B. they were only $5.00. I had to right? Anyways, they're a bit odd to try and make an outfit out of so I just went for it and threw them on with my favorite gold tunic. With gold sandals and watch I think it works. I'll have to play around in my closet to figure out what goes with these, but I really love them. Chambray maybe?

The rest of the weekend was me preparing myself for classes to start Monday. I'm taking two online. I really hope I can muster enough self discipline to get A's in both of these. What'd you do this weekend?

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LOVE the bag!