Thursday, November 17, 2011

Keeping An Eye On For Black Friday

Keeping An Eye On For Black Friday

Dooney bourke handbag
$138 -

Diamond stud earrings
$2,000 -

Puma McQueen White Street Low
£150 -

Urban Decay Naked Palette - Multi Health & Beauty |
£35 -

So I've been holding out on shopping for Christmas until Black Friday this year. There's so many things I want to get for people but I want to see if they'll go on sale first before I spend a bunch of money.
The Naked palette is something I've wanted for so long! I keep not buying it because I think it's too expensive for eyeshadow, but hopefully it will go on sale for Black Friday and I can get one for myself and one for my (almost) sister-in-law and maybe one for my mom and cousin.
The printer is not the exact one that I want, but I am in desperate need of a color printer for my new job and I think if I mention to my boss that it's like 70% off for Black Friday she might be more in to buying it for me. Fingers crossed!
Then there's the GoPro Hero camera. This thing is the best gift for a sports enthusiast. You can suction cup this HD camera to anything, surf board, dune buggy, car, bike...doesn't matter and it will record flawless HD video. Perfect for those men who want to show off their weekend at the dunes. It's regularly $300 so I hope I can get a little discount on this one come Black Friday so I can buy it for my boyfriend.
My boyfriend LOVES all white shoes. So I'm keeping an eye out for some good deals this year.
I want to pierce my ears (I know what a loser huh? I've been too chicken to pierce them) and when I do I want some diamond studs. So we'll see if any go on sale for the holidays.
The Dooney cross body bag is for my boyfriends mom. She has one already but it's pretty old so I want to get her a new one. I've seen a few at TJ Maxx, but I'm hoping I'll see more at better prices in a couple weeks.
And the Paris pillow is from Hobby Lobby. I don't want that pillow but it was the only thing Polyvore listed when I typed in Hobby Lobby. I'm waiting to see if they have even better sales than they usually do come Black Friday. Things on my list: Christmas Tree, Christmas decorations, office accessories, lamps, mirror, and candles!
I think I'm going to put together some gift guides this year. I love looking at what other people are thinking about giving their family and friends so I thought I'd join in on the brainstorming.

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